05 October 2020

Pepper The Fox

RANDOS Team has grown in the past months. Pepper the Fox proudly presents the new team-members.

Today I would like to introduce two new employees who have enriched our team with their professionalism and charm since September.

Britta Mauve

grew up with international tourism and trained in the international 5-star luxury hotel industry. She has many years of experience in the organization of conferences, congresses, professional symposia as well as the individual support of exclusive clients, politicians and ambassadors.  After completing her language diploma at the University of Salamanca (Spain, Madrid), she changed industries and distinguished herself for 15 years as a supervisory board chair in the sofware sector as an editor of a financial trade magazine and finally as an authorized signatory. Due to her cultural sensitivity and enjoyment of service, in 2016 she was assigned the role of Residence Manager at the German Embassy in Vienna, where she was responsible for all events, receptions, dinners, lunches, etc. at the residences of the German Ambassadors as part of the German OSCE Presidency. The trained show jumper and dressage rider now supports Renate's competent team as Relocation Professional since September.

“My world is colorful!

And that's what I like about RANDOS, the diversity, the challenges and the opportunities that we can offer and customize for you – that's what gives us our edge and your success!”

Katja Otter

grew up in Vienna and worked as an SAP management consultant for three years after completing her business studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. She then moved to Abu Dhabi with her husband, where she worked as a PR and Marketing Manager for a 5-star hotel. She has spent a total of 16 years abroad, living and working in exciting cities such as Tokyo, New York and Seoul. Her diverse overseas experience and long career in the service industry allows her to draw from a vast professional and personal knowledge portfolio as a Relocation Professional at RANDOS.

She enjoys the interaction with people from diverse cultures and is dedicated to supporting clients and their families to provide top-quality service.

 “I like to radiate from the inside out!

And that's why it fills me with great joy to bring my previous professional and personal experiences from abroad here at RANDOS, because where your talents intersect with the needs of the world is where your calling lies.”

A warm welcome to the RANDOS Team, Pepper The Fox

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RANDOS Team has grown in the past months. Pepper the Fox proudly presents the new team-members