Key Facts Austria

Austria is located in the heart of Europe.

The neighboring countries of Austria are:

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Czech Republik




States of Austria

Austria is divided into 9 provinces,

listed with the regional capital

  • Vienna (is a province and also the capital of Austria)
  • Lower Austria, St. Pölten
  • Burgenland, Eisenstadt
  • Styria, Graz
  • Upper Austria, Linz
  • Salzburg, Salzburg City
  • Carinthia, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee
  • Tyrol, Innsbruck
  • Vorarlberg, Bregenz
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Data & Facts

Inhabitants Vienna: 1.867.960
Inhabitants Austria: 8.773.686
thereof foreigners: 1.342.758
thereof foreigners from the EU: 655.751
area Vienna: 414,87 km2 (half of it is green space)
area Austria: 83.878,99 km2
language: German
currency: Euro (EUR, €)
average inflation rate 2017: 2,08%
1 Euro = 1,2431 US-Dollar ($) (stand 30.01.2018)

source: Statistik Austria

Costs and prices in Austria

  • GIS: broadcasting fee to receive signal for radio and TV
    Euro 26.33 (Vienna)
    Euro 26.33 (Lower Austria)
    Euro 26.73 (Styria)
    Euro 20.93 (Upper Austria)
    Euro 25.63 (Salzburg)
    Euro 26.03 (Carinthia) (01.04.2017)
  • A1 internet and TV from Euro 29.90 (+ internet service fee € 15,--/year)
  • UPC cable connection - cable TV from Euro 25,95 - 31,95
  • UPC internet and TV - Euro 19,90 - 37,90
  • Energy, heating and gas (ten times a year) average costs per month (for 100m2) Euro 120.00
  • Household insurance (insurance cover according to squaremeters)  – approximately Euro 15.00-25.00

Other additional costs

  • Real estate commission fee (single payment):
    Term of lease up to 3 years: 1 gross monthly rent + VAT (HARDLY AVAILABLE)
    Term of lease over 3 years: 2 gross monthly rents + VAT
  • Deposit usually 3 gross rents (bank guarantee or transfer to the rental account)
  • Sometimes handling charge for the contract about 300 Euro (single payment to the property management)

Quality of living in Austria

Vienna is the city with the best quality of living worldwide.




1 Vienna Austria
2 Zurich Switzerland
3 Auckland New Zealand
4 Munich Germany
5 Vancouver Canada
source: MERCER LLC, 2017

Secureness in Austria

Austria is on the 3th place of the world most safest countries.



Capital city

1 Iceland Reykjavík
2 Neuseeland Wellington
3 Portugal Lissabon
4 Austria Vienna
5 Denmark Kopenhagen
6 Czech republic Prague
7 Switzerland Bern
8 Canada Ottawa
9 Japan Tokyo
10 Slovenia Ljubljana

source: Global Peace Index, 2017