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When driving on Austrian Motorways you are obliged to buy a sticker which is valid for one year and costs EUR 91.10 (you can buy it from December of the year before). The 2020 vignette comes in azure-blue. The new years's vignette must be applied until the 31st of January 2020.

klebevignette 2020 himmelblauVignette 2020

The Vignette is available in post offices, Tabak Trafiken and gas stations. You can also get a 2-month-sticker which costs EUR 26,20 and a 10-days-sticker which costs EUR 13,10 (suggestive if you buy a car at the end of the year).

The Vignette should be placed in the upper left or right corner or in the upper middle on the inside of your front windscreen.

Mobile phone

Calling with the mobile phone is prohibited by law while driving a car in Austria. If you like to call although you have to buy either a handsfree set or park the car. Watch out: Also when you are waiting at traffic lights or in a traffic jam calling on the mobile phone is forbidden.

Winter tires

It is obligatory to use winter tires from 1.11. to 15.4.. Drivers who violate this law will get fines from € 35,00 to € 5.000,00. In case of an accident, when driving without winter tires during winter season, although the driver isn't guilty, the insurance company won't pay any damages and the driver will be criminally prosecuted.